Raised2walk travels to Las Vegas, Nevada, to lead worship and teach at a Living Room night of worship that launched more than 2 years ago! Please pray for this night, as it kicks off the new year for this ministry, the founders, and the people coming. 

We travel to Kona, Hawaii to speak in Youth With A Mission's School of Worship, and it promises to be a wild week with these incredible musicians! Kenny is speaking on prophetic worship, songwriting, and leadership. This is our season finale for Raised2walk teaching trips, and we cannot wait to be with everyone in the school! Subscribe to our newsletter to read about this trip, and all of our trips, as well as to find out how to support, partner, and join us on one of our trips.

We are travelling across the border to visit Youth With A Mission in Tijuana, Mexico. Kenny and Rebekah will be teaching students in the Discipleship Training School and leading worship for the campus worship night. To read about this trip and all of our events, Subscribe to our newsletter!

Kenny travels to Adams, Tennessee to teach at Youth With A Mission's Discipleship Training School. Sign up for our monthly newsletter to read our reports from all of our mission trips, speaking engagements, and all of our latest news and coming events!

We have been invited to speak in the School of Worship at Youth With A Mission Paris Connect, and can I just say that we are so excited! This trip is going to be so impactful, as these worship leaders and musicians will grow so much in their identity in Christ, in their heart motivations, in their skill development, in their sense of purpose, and in their confidence to creatively express their original songs of worship to God. These beautiful students are our future worship leaders, and Rebekah and I cannot wait to train, mentor and encourage them!

Kenny and Rebekah travel to Aspen, Colorado to speak and minister to the members and visitors of Cornerstone Christian Church. Get ready to worship!

Kenny travels to Kona, Hawaii to the Unversity of the Nations to speak and train young worship leaders and musicians in the School of Worship.

Kenny and Rebekah travel to Paris, France to teach and train young missionaries, worship leaders, community development personnel at Youth With A Mission